springtime in Edo,
not a day passes without
a temple bell sold.


displayed in the street
what a thriving business !

Nicole Pottier

Note :
« This hokku refers to the Yedo life in the Genroku period (1688 – 1703), when the majority of the bells now extant in the province of Musashi were founded, and when naturally bell dealers in Yedo had a thriving business with orders flowing in from the neighbouring provinces. The poet Kikaku had his muse aroused by a street scene in which a big bell was carted away from a hardware dealer’s in Daimon-Dori in Shiba. The prosperity in the business of bell-founders is attributed to the peace which then reigned all over the country, and also to the devotion of Keisho-in, mother of the Shogun then in power, to the cause of Buddhism, which induced her to bestow generous gifts for the building of temples for the glorification of Buddha and his teachings. »
« Gleams From Japan », S. Katsumata.


Carpe Diem : Tan Renga Challenge 2017


4 réflexions sur “springtime

  1. Rosemary Nissen-Wade 24 mai 2017 / 7 h 18 min

    Thank you, not only for the very specific and vivid completing image, but also for the interesting background explanation.

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